A Remarkable
Portrait of a
Remarkable Man

The description of J.N. Darby by a skeptic may be the best insight we have into his character

Background on
J.N. Darby

“He…might have lived a life of ease, but devoted himself to the service of Christ”

“Come Unto Me”
& “Go Therefore
and Make Disciples”

These are the two basic sides of the normal Christian life

G.H. Pember:
the World &
Sharing In
Its Fate

Those believers who love the world will be left behind to see it as it truly is

Hudson Taylor:
A Mother’s
Offering of
Her Son to
the Lord

An example of the blessing of offering our children to the Lord

Andrew Murray:
The First
Thought of Man

We should never doubt the purpose of our existence again!

J.N. Darby:
The Blessing,
Overruling God

As with Jacob, God blesses us and disciplines us at the very same time

G.H. Pember:
Privileges and
the Use Made
of Them

To receive grace is one thing; to make use of it, quite another

Faith of
Our Fathers