“Come Unto Me”
& “Go Therefore
and Make Disciples”

These are the two basic sides of the normal Christian life

G.H. Pember:
the World &
Sharing In
Its Fate

Those believers who love the world will be left behind to see it as it truly is

Hudson Taylor:
A Mother’s
Offering of
Her Son to
the Lord

An example of the blessing of offering our children to the Lord

Andrew Murray:
The First
Thought of Man

We should never doubt the purpose of our existence again!

J.N. Darby:
The Blessing,
Overruling God

As with Jacob, God blesses us and disciplines us at the very same time

G.H. Pember:
Privileges and
the Use Made
of Them

To receive grace is one thing; to make use of it, quite another

Witness Lee:
Why the
Kingdom of
the Heavens?

The kingdom of the heavens brings will bring the Lord to the earth again

The Early Church
and the
Lord’s Return

The hope of the Lord’s soon return has always stirred the saints to follow Him

Faith of
Our Fathers