Faith of
Our Fathers

The First
Thought of Man

We should never doubt the purpose of our existence again!

The Blessing,
Overruling God

Just as He did with Jacob, God blesses us and disciplines us at the very same time

Privileges and
the Use Made
of Them

Whether we are ready for the Lord’s return or not will depend not on grace alone, but on how we make use of that grace

Why the
Kingdom of
the Heavens?

When we as believers live in the reality of the kingdom of the heavens, we make a way for the Lord to return to the earth again

The Early Church
and the
Lord’s Return

From the earliest days of the church the expectation of the Lord’s soon return has stirred the saints to follow Him

The Ignorance
of the Apostles

If it did not matter to them, it should not matter to us, either

Launch Out!

Do you want to see the Lord’s work in your life? For that you must “launch out” in faith

The Conflict
Over Vision

Any vision we receive from the Lord will bring us into conflict, but only then will that vision become real to us