Faith of
Our Fathers

Launch Out!

Do you want to see the Lord’s work in your life? For that you must “launch out” in faith

The Conflict
Over Vision

Any vision we receive from the Lord will bring us into conflict, but only then will that vision become real to us

Knowing the
Cross through

It is only through spiritual conflict that the cross of Christ can truly become a part of our being


Through our struggle against the enemy we are brought into the real experience Christ’s victory over him

C.H. Mackintosh:
“Rise, Let Us
Go From Here.”

It is the Lord’s death and resurrection that make His incarnation available to us

M.E. Barber
on the
Crucified Life

Her hymns speak of what it Means to Die with Christ

D.M. Panton:
How the Lord
Is Testing Us

He is finding out which of His servants will be able to reign with Him in His kingdom

The Concise
Bible Discionary
On Genesis 2:7

God set man in relation with Himself