Not With Ink….”

A small detail in Paul’s writings gives us a great insight into how Christ writes Himself into our being

Episode #98:
The Seven
Churches (12):
the Degraded Church
of Christianity

Laodicea signifies the church in its degraded condition among so many Christians today

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Not With Ink….”

Allowing the Lord to write Himself upon us and within us means we belong fully to Him

Episode #97:
Not With Ink….”

Allowing the Lord to write Himself into our being will revolutionize our Christian life

He Will Only
Open to Us Then
If We Open
to Him Today

To feast with the Lord in that day, we must heed His invitation to feast with Him today

A Remarkable
Portrait of a
Remarkable Man

The description of J.N. Darby by a skeptic may be the best insight we have into his character

“This Way,

The story of the Titanic reminds us that, in a world headed to its certain doom, the gospel of Jesus Christ is the “lifeboat” of our salvation

the Left, &
the Antichrist

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A Chart of
God’s Full Salvation

We use this simple chart to depict God’s full salvation.


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