The Disciple Whom
Jesus Loved

Among all those who follow the Lord, one is uniquely precious to Him: You

How I Became
a Christian

I sought for the meaning of life in politics, until I found it in Christ Himself

Can the Lord
Change Your Name?

We should give the Lord the ground in our being to change our very identity

“Open Their Eyes
and Turn Them”

For a person to turn to the Lord, their eyes must first be opened

R.A. Torrey: Bearing Fruit
and Asking

When we are fruitful in Christ, we can pray boldly to Him.

The City of the Book

An Old Testament story gives us a key insight into the battle for our mind.

A Chart of
God’s Full Salvation

We use this simple chart to depict God’s full salvation.

“This Way, Please”

In a world headed to its certain doom, the gospel of Jesus Christ is the “lifeboat” of our salvation

What Is

The Judgment

God’s Eternal

The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved

Broken by God

To walk in newness of life we must deal with the Lord day by day

The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved

Glory & Suffering

The Bible shows us that, to enter into glory, we must first pass through suffering.

The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved

Sonship & Glory

Glory is not only something God will give us; it will also come from within us

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