The Two Basic Issues
in Salvation

God did not create us just to forgive our sins; He wants us to share in His glory!

R.A. Torrey: Bearing Fruit
and Asking

When we are fruitful in Christ, we can pray boldly to Him.

“Give Us Some
of Your Oil!”

We need to pay the price to gain the oil ourselves.

The City of the Book

An Old Testament story gives us a key insight into the battle for our mind.

Seeking, or Struggling?

A warning from the Lord that we must fight to enter into His kingdom

Lawlessness, the Left,
and the Antichrist

Available Now in Paperback

A Chart of
God’s Full Salvation

We use this simple chart to depict God’s full salvation.

“This Way, Please”

In a world headed to its certain doom, the gospel of Jesus Christ is the “lifeboat” of our salvation

What Is

The Judgment

God’s Eternal

“He Interposed”

“He Interposed”

A heroic World War II story, a favorite hymn, and the meaning of the gospel

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