Why Was Jesus

Baptism deals not only with our sin, but with our entire living apart from God

“Open Their Eyes
and Turn Them”

For a person to turn to the Lord, their eyes must first be opened

R.A. Torrey: Bearing Fruit
and Asking

When we are fruitful in Christ, we can pray boldly to Him.

The City of the Book

An Old Testament story gives us a key insight into the battle for our mind.

Seeking, or Struggling?

A warning from the Lord that we must fight to enter into His kingdom

Lawlessness, the Left,
and the Antichrist

Available Now in Paperback

A Chart of
God’s Full Salvation

We use this simple chart to depict God’s full salvation.

“This Way, Please”

In a world headed to its certain doom, the gospel of Jesus Christ is the “lifeboat” of our salvation

What Is

The Judgment

God’s Eternal

Why Was  Jesus  Baptized?

Glory & Suffering

The Bible shows us that, to enter into glory, we must first pass through suffering.

Why Was  Jesus  Baptized?

Sonship & Glory

Glory is not only something God will give us; it will also come from within us

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