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25. Coming to
the Bible

1 November 2022

The Podcast Edition of
our Weekly Radio Program

As the believers in Christ, it is so important for us to come to the word of God, the Bible, in a regular, consistent way! In this episode we consider this matter, as well as some things we can do to help us be in the word in a consistent way. Also, we listen to some brief clips from Mark Jordon on experiences he’s had that relate to this matter of coming to the word.


Guest: Mike Samulek

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“The City of the Book”

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===================Bible Verses

John 6:57,63: Feasting on the Lord as our Living Bread.

John 17:17: To be sanctified, we must be in the word.

Judges 15:13-19: Our mind is a “city of the book.”

Luke 24:25-27: Jesus explained the Scriptures to the disciples.

Matthew 12:34: We speak out what’s in our heart.

Matthew 5:13-14: We are the salt of the earth and the light of the world.

Judges 19-21: The horrible story of a man and the rape of his concubine.