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Episode #25:
Coming to
the Bible

1 November 2022

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As the believers in Christ, it is so important for us to come to the word of God, the Bible, in a regular, consistent way! In this episode we consider this matter, as well as some things we can do to help us be in the word in a consistent way. Also, we listen to some brief clips from Mark Jordon on experiences he’s had that relate to this matter of coming to the word.


Guest: Mike Samulek

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===================Bible Verses

John 6:57,63: Feasting on the Lord as our Living Bread.

John 17:17: To be sanctified, we must be in the word.

Judges 15:13-19: Our mind is a “city of the book.”

Luke 24:25-27: Jesus explained the Scriptures to the disciples.

Matthew 12:34: We speak out what’s in our heart.

Matthew 5:13-14: We are the salt of the earth and the light of the world.

Judges 19-21: The horrible story of a man and the rape of his concubine.