The Christian Faith
Radio Hour Podcast

17. What Is the
Meaning of Life?
The Parable
of the Four Bottles (2)

31 August 2022

The Podcast Edition of
our Weekly Radio Program

Segment One: We continue to consider “What is the meaning of life? using a 3-minute video called, “The Parable of the Four Bottles”; which you can see on We first consider how God made us in a special way for a special purpose, and then go on to consider the significance of the Fall

Segment Two: An interview with Dave Shields of Akron, Ohio. We especially consider the importance of the conscience in helping us to turn back to God.


Guest: Dave Shields


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“Upon this One Will I Look”


Bible Verses Cited in this Program

Zechariah 12:1 Man is the center of the universe.

Romans 3:23 Our two basic problems before God.

Genesis 2:16-17 God wanted us to eat of the Tree of Life.

Hebrews 1:14 The angels are our servants.

Revelation 4:10 The angels will cast down their crowns when we are ready to reign

Revelation 22:5 We shall reign eternally.

Genesis 3:5 AAt the time of the Fall our conscience became active; cf. Gen. 3:22.


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