The Christian Faith
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Episode #16:
What Is the
Meaning of Life? (1):
The Parable
of the Four Bottles

27 August 2022

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Segment One: So many today are asking, “What is the meaning of life? Why do I exist?” To help answer this question we’ve created a 3-minute video called, “The Parable of the Four Bottles,” which you can see on In this segment, we consider this parable, and how it answer the question of why we exist.

Segment Two: An interview with Mark Jordan of Goshen, Indiana, again focusing on what is the meaning of life.

Guest: Mark Jordan

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Bible Verses Cited in this Program

Genesis 2:7
The creation of man

Romans 3:23
We are born anew in our spirit

Romans 9:23
The believers are vessels prepared for glory

Genesis 2:9
The two trees in the garden

Genesis 2:16-17
God wanted us to eat of the Tree of Life

Revelation 22:14
The Tree of Life at the end of the Bible

John 10:10
Jesus came that we may have life

John 1:1,4
The Son of God as the Eternal Word desires to communicate God’s life to mankind

Romans 3:24,28
We are justified by faith in Christ

Romans 3:23
Our two basic problems before God

Revelation 21:10-11
The New Jerusalem has the glory of God

John 10:34; cf. Psalm 82:6-7
Jesus said we are gods


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