A New
Radio Program
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8 June 2022

You can listen to
the very first broadcast,
“Jesus and the Scriptures,”
via the links below

Recently, in fellowship with some of the brothers I serve with in Chicago and nearby, I’ve started a weekly, one-hour radio program, The Christian Faith Radio Hour, which airs live on Saturday mornings here in Chicago. It is also available online now as a weekly podcast.

A description of this program is provided on the Radio Hour Tab on Program information and links are provided below. (For an easy way to keep this information, you can just download the photo card above to your phone or desktop.)

We hope you can listen, and would ask you to please pray for this outreach; how we need to Lord’s blessing! We ourselves pray this labor will be a blessing to you and to all the saints, and to the church as a whole, for the Lord’s sake and for His glory!

Your brother,


The Live, Chicago-Area Radio Program:

The entire Chicago metro area and its suburbs. Also, parts of Michigan and Indiana.
Saturday Mornings,
9:00 o’clock, Central time
Station: AM 750, WNDZ.


The Online Podcast:

Listen directly on iTunes
Listen directly on Spotify
Listen via the Media / Podcast Tab on


Episode 1. “Jesus and the Scriptures”

Listen on iTunes
Listen on Spotify

How did Jesus view the Scripture? And how, during His earthly ministry, did He come to the written word of God, the Jewish Scripture, what we today call the Old Testament?


These are very important questions for us to consider, because if we desire to be followers of Christ, we should surely follow Him in regards to how He approached the word of God.

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