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21 May 2022

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This program is produced by website. It airs each Saturday morning at 9:00 o’clock on AM 750 in Chicago. We first aired on 14 May 2022. The podcast edition is available on iTunes and Spotify.

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If you‘re in Chicago, we hope you can tune in this coming Saturday!

About this Program

Like our website, The Christian Faith Radio Hour has been has been created to help address the need for a healthy word of ministry among God’s children today. The purpose is to introduce Christians, and others as well, to the riches we have been blessed to receive among the churches, so that they may enter into a fuller understanding and experience of what the Bible shows us about the Christian faith.

In the past several centuries the Lord has used saints such as Martin Luther, Madame Guyon, J.N. Darby, G.H. Pember, Robert Govett, Andrew Murry, Mary McDonough, T.A. Sparks, Watchman Nee, and Witness Lee to open up so much Biblical truth to His children.

Through them, and others as well, matters such as justification, the Old Testament types, the Body of Christ and the local churches, the reward and discipline of the believers in the coming age, and God’s full salvation through the operation of the divine life within the believers, have become more clear now than ever before. And yet, it seems that so few Christians today have more than a basic grasp of the truths contained in Scripture; As the Lord tells us, through the prophet:

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”
— Hosea 4:6

Our hope and prayer for The Christian Faith Radio Hour, as for our website, is that the Lord may use it to bring His children into a more thorough grasp of His truth, and ultimately, into a greater knowledge and experience of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for His glory and His kingdom.