Salvation Step-by-Step

An Introduction
to this Chart

by | May 30, 2020

A simple way to help people understand
salvation in Christ

We use this chart as a simple way to present the truths of salvation as revealed in the New Testament. One of the main reasons we use it is to help people, both the unsaved and Christians, understand that salvation is not only about the forgiveness of sins. Rather, it is ultimately about being conformend to the image of Christ (Rom. 8:29). We’ll see more of this as we go through the chart in the upcoming pages.

The symbols used in this chart were first developed by Mary McDonough around 100 years ago for use in her remarkable book on salvation, God’s Plan of Redemption, which was initially published in 1920.

As she wrote at the beginning of that book:

The pernicious teaching of evolution in our public schools and colleges, and the higher criticism of our modern pulpits, are responsible for a fatal drift for the avowed faith of our forefathers.

This alarming condition calls for new methods of presentation of the truths of God’s written word.

Since that time others have continued to use and develop these symbols in various ways, as an excellent means for presenting the biblical truths of salvation.

We first began to work on our own presentation of these symbols about the year 2000. It has gone through a good many iterations before arriving at its present form.

We use this version of the chart as a tool for preaching the gospel. We also have a Bible study version of the chart, which gives a much more in-depth presentation of these symbols. And more recently we have created another pamphlet for gospel preaching which shows each of the symbols on a separate page. You can find that pamphlet, “What Is the Meaning of My Life,” on our website,