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Episode #9:
The Kingdom and
the Darkness;
The Wise and
Foolish Virgins

9 July 2022

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In the New Testament only the Gospel of Matthew speaks of “the Kingdom of the Heavens.” To be in the Kingdom of the Heavens today means we live our lives under the ruling of the heavenly Christ, when the Kingdom of the Heavens is hidden. This will prepare us to reign with Christ when the Kingdom of the Heavens is openly manifested during His 1,000 year reign on the earth. If we are not faithful, we may end up in the outer darkness during that period.

This is illustrated by the parable of the ten virgins (Matt.25:1-13), five of whom were wise and five of whom were foolish. The difference is, some paid the price to gain the extra supply of oil; these went in to the wedding feast. But, some did not gain the extra oil, and as a result, were shut out of the wedding feast. This is a very serious warning to the believers; as the Lord says, we must “Watch therefore!” (Matt.25:13).

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