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Episode #73:
Jesus and
the Scriptures

6 December 2023

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Today so many feel we cannot trust that the Bible really is the word of God. This may be especially true among certain kinds of scholars; they claim the text of the Scripture has been corrupted, and anyway, that so many of the stories in the Bible are merely historical myths and symbolism, so we should not take it too seriously in any event.

There is, however, one witness more than any other who rebuts such claims, and that is Jesus Christ Himself. Therefore, in this episode of the podcast we consider how no one ever trusted so much in the Bible and its integrity, nor did anyone ever take it in such a literal, historical way, as He did.

This should surely strengthen our faith in the Bible, and also guide us today, as the followers of Christ, to take the Bible, not as mythology, but for what it truly is: as the unique, revealed, literal word of God.

LENGTH: 61 Minutes


Considering how Jesus viewed the Scriptures will surely strengthen us to depend on the Bible as the revealed word of God




G.H. Pember, The Great Prophecies, Volume 1 (1887)
Philip Mauro, Life in the Word: Order the Print edition (1909)
Philip Mauro, Life in the Word: Download the Free Online Edition



Jesus on the Canon of the Scripture:

Matthew 4:4, 7, 10: Jesus responds to the Tempter with the Scripture.
Matthew 10:10:
The Scripture testifies to John the Baptist.
Matthew 12:3, 5:
Jesus responds to Pharisees with the Scriptures.
Matthew 21:13:
He rebukes the money changes with the Scriptures.
Matthew 21:16:
He responds to the Pharisees with the Scriptures.

Jesus on How to View the Scripture:

John 5:46-47, 3:12: If you don’t believe what Moses wrote, or what I have told you about earthly things, you won’t believe Me either.
Matthew 19:4-5:
Jesus testifies to the history of Adam and Eve.
Matthew 24:37-39:
Jesus testifies to the history of the Noah’s flood.
Matthew 11:23-24,
Luke 17:28-29, 32: Jesus testifies to the history of Sodom and of Lot’s wife.
Matthew 12:40-41:
Jesus testifies to the history of Jonah.
Matthew 12:42:
Jesus testifies to the history of the Queen of the South and of Solomon.
Matthew 15:7, 24:15:
Jesus testifies of the prophets Isaiah and Daniel.

Other Verses:

2 Corinthians 6:14: Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers.
Hebrews 4:12:
The word of God is living and powerful.


This edition of the program was recorded in Chicago, Illinois on Tuesday, 5 December 2023.
Note: This program is posted as Episode #73, but the audio also replaces the audio for Episode #1.