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Episode #5:
What Is
Transformation? (2)

11 June 2022

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Segment 1: In the entire New Testament, the best example of transformation is the Apostle Peter. He began as “Simon, Son of John.” But, the very first time the Lord saw him He told him that he would be called “Peter,” which means “a stone” (John 1:42). So, the Lord was really saying to him, “I am going to transform you into a stone for God’s building.” That transformation began with the Father’s revelation to Peter of who Christ really was (Matt. 16:16-18) and all the Lord’s dealings with him that we see in the four Gospels, and continued throughout the book of Acts and in his letters. We see the consummation of Peter’s transformation at the very end of the New Testament, where Peter’s name is on one of the foundations of the New Jerusalem (Rev. 21:14), symbolizing that, just as the Lord said, Peter had indeed become a “stone” for God’s building. But, this experience is not just for Peter; it’s for all of the Lord’s believers, as Peter himself tells us (1 Peter 2:4-5).

Outside of the Bible, nature also provides us with wonderful examples of transformation, in petrified wood and in the process a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly.

Segment 2: Transformation is one of the six basic steps we pass through to enter fully into the salvation God provides for us. These six steps are: Justification, Regeneration, Sanctification, Transformation, Glorification, and Conformation.

Segment 3: A discussion with Brother Rex Beck on these topics, and also on the New Testament words for “Transformation” and “Transfiguration.”

Guest: Rex Beck

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