The Christian Faith
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Episode #34:
The Beginning
and the End
of God’s Work

29 December 2022

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We can see something of God’s eternal purpose by comparing the first two chapters of the Bible, Genesis 1-2, with the last two chapters, Revelation 21-22. This is because these are the only chapters in the Bible that show us God’s work before the curse came in as a result of the fall in Genesis 3 (Gen. 3:17) and after it has been completely removed with God’s final judgments in Revelation 20 (Rev. 22:3).

The gospel we preach today is the gospel of the kingdom of the heavens. It is this kingdom that deals with all of the opposition to God’s authority so that God can fulfill His ultimate desire, which is to have the New Jerusalem on the earth as the mutual, eternal dwelling place of God and man.


Books Referred to in this Episode

 “The Secret of the Faith Life”
Andrew Murray


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This edition of the program was pre-recorded on Wednesday, 28 December 2022 and broadcast on Saturday, 31 December 2022.

Bible Verses Cited in this Episode

1 Corinthians 10:6: Israel’s history is a picture of our history.

2 Samuel 7:1-5,12-16: David brought in the kingdom, Solomon built the temple.

Matthew 1:1: Jesus Christ is the real Son of David.

Matthew 16:16-19: We are stones for God’s building.

Genesis 3:17, Revelation 22:3: The beginning and the end of the curse.

Matthew 27:29: Jesus took the curse upon Himself.

Revelation 20:1-15: The end of all unrighteousness and rebellion against God.

Genesis 1:26-27: We were created in God’s image and likeness.

John 9:34, Psalm 82:6-7: Since we were created in God’s image and likeness, each of us is a little picture of God.

Revelation 21:10-11, 4:3: As the holy city, Jerusalem, we will have the glory of God, with a light like a jasper stone, which is also the appearance of God Himself.

2 Corinthians 3:18: Today we are being transformed into the image of Christ

Genesis 2:12: The gold, bdellium, and onyx in the land of Havilah.

Revelation 21:18-21: The gold, pearls, and precious stones of the New Jerusalem.

1 Corinthians 3:10-13: The church today is being built with the gold, silver, and precious stones.

Ephesians 5:32: Adam and Eve are a picture of Christ and the church, showing us that everything the church is comes out of Christ.

Revelation 21:1-2: The church as the New Jerusalem is the Bride of Christ.

Genesis 2:10: The river at the beginning.

Revelation 22:1: At the end, the river of life flows out of the throne.

Genesis 2:9: The tree of life at the beginning.

Revelation 22:2, 14: At the end, the tree of life in the New Jerusalem, in the midst of the river.

Revelation 21:22: The New Jerusalem is the mutual, eternal dwelling placeof God and man.