The Christian Faith
Radio Hour Podcast

Episode #3:
Jesus and the Bible;
Transformation by
Beholding the Lord
in the Word

28 May 2022

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Segment 1: Jesus is both “inclusive” and “exclusive.” That is, He will receive anyone who comes to Him for salvation and give them the gift of eternal life, regardless of who they are, where they are from, or what kind of person they are (John 6:37, 5:24, 3:16). But, He is also “exclusive,” in the sense that He states, over and over again, that He is the only way of salvation. That is, our eternal destiny depends entirely on our relationship with Him; according to Jesus, there is no other way of salvation (John 8:24, 10:7-9, 14:6).

Segment 2: We continue to consider the matter of transformation. In this episode, we seek to answer the question of, “What Is Transformaton?” We do this in part by looking at how the Greek word for transformation, metamorphoō, is translated, and mistranslated, in the English versions of the New Testament.

Segment 3: A discussion with Brother Joe Pope on these topics.

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In this episode I refer again to Philip Mauro’s book, Life in the Word (1909); I highly recommend it. You can purchase it on Amazon here:

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