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Episode #28:
More on
Genesis 1,
Plus, A Day for
Giving Thanks
to God

20 November 2022

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In the first par of this program we again consider how important it is to have a proper view of Genesis 1, namely, that it is a historically accurate account of creation; Jesus said, if we don’t believe what Moses wrote, we won’t believe Him, either (John 5:46-47; cf. John 3:12). But, that does not mean we need to believe the earth is 6,000 years old. That just is not what the Bible teaches.

In the second part we go on to consider how in stark contrast to the effort being made in these days to secularize America, this country has always been a God-fearing nation. One especially vivid example of this George Washington’s 1789 proclamation of a national day of Thanksgiving, which we read in its entirety.

Guest: Peter Dong

Earth’s Earliest Ages (1876; revised edition, 1911)

G.H. Pember

The Scofield Study Bible, 1917 Edition

Lawlessness, the Left, and the Antichrist,
David Canfield
Download the Preface and Introduction: