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Episode #26:
The Bible is
Not Just for

7 November 2022

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Last week we stressed how important it is for believers to be in the Bible, but this week we want to stress how important it is even for those who are not Christians to read it. So first we deal with some of the basic reasons people have for not reading the Bible; then we consider what some leading Americans have said about the importance of the Bible to our country. Finally, we consider some ways those who are new to the Bible may begin to read it, for example, by starting with Proverbs, or with Psalm 23.

Guest: Joe Pope

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What Leading Americans Have Said about the Bible:
Note: This page includes the references for the quotes given in the program.

A Schedule for Reading the Bible

Bible Verses

Matthew 12:25: Referred to by Lincoln in 1858; a house divided against itself cannot stand.

Used by Lincoln in His Second Inaugural

Matthew 12:25: Woe unto the world because of offenses!
Matthew 7:1: Judge note, that you be not judged.
Psalm 19:9 The judgments of the Lord are true.


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