The Christian Faith
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Episode #24:
What It Means
to Follow
Jesus Christ

24 October 2022

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What is the way to follow Jesus today? If we really desire to know the answer to this question, we must be those who come to His word to hear what He says about following Him. When we do, we will find that it is not so much a matter of doing, but of dying (John 12:24-26; Matt. 16:24-26); that is, of allowing Him to bring us through the same experience of the cross that He Himself went through before us, so that we may serve Him in resurrection and eventually enter into glory with Him.




Buried? Yes, But It Is Seed


Bible Verses

Hebrews 10:4-7: The Son’s obedience.

Psalm 40:4-7: “My ear You have opened.”

Exodus 21:5-6: The vow of a slave.

John 17:17: We are sanctified in the truth.

John 12:20-26: The seed must fall into the earth and die.

Isaiah 53:10: It pleased God to crush Him.

Matthew 16:24-25: To follow Christ, we must deny ourselves.

Matthew 3:13-16: The baptism of Jesus.

John 15:5: Apart from Christ we can do nothing.