Brief Notes

The End of the
Age of Grace,
in So Many Words

4 May 2024

One day soon this age
will be over, and then
“the Great Day
of His Wrath”
will begin

Today is rightly called the “Age of Grace,” the time in which we can come to God to receive His mercy and forgiveness and thus be brought into His favor.

The Greek word for “grace” is charis (Strong’s #5485); it is a very common word in the New Testament, being used a total of 156 times. A related word, charizomai (Strong’s #5483) often means to “give graciously” or to “forgive.” And in English, the word “forgive,” from various Greek words, appears in some form over 50 times.

There are also two Greek words for “mercy” in the New Testament. Eleeō (Strong’s #1653) appears a total of 31 times, whereas eleos (Strong’s #1656) appears a total of 26 times. Some other words along these lines in the New Testament are “compassion” (e.g., Matt. 14:14) and “kindness” (e.g., Rom. 2:4).

The Greek word for “gospel,” which of course is the message of the “good news” of God’s mercy and grace, is euangelion; this word appears a total of 77 times in the New Testament.

And yet, while there are so many words along these lines in the New Testament, almost none of them appear in the book of Revelation. The only real exception is “gospel,” but even then it is only used a single time in the entire book (Rev. 14:6).

This shows us, to put it very directly, that at a certain point in the near future, the time for such words will be over.

(“Grace” also appears, once at the very beginning and once at the very end of Revelation; 1:4, 22:21. But, that is only in the introductory word and in the parting salutation; it is not found in the main body of the book.)

Our God is indeed so loving and kind and gracious, one who loves to bestow His grace. But, He is also infinitely holy and righteous, and thus, one day before too long, this Age of Grace will draw to a close. Then the inhabitants of the earth will cry out in terror,

The great day of their wrath has come,
And who is able to stand?
— Revelation 6:17

So while we enjoy today as the Age of Grace, we need to be clear that soon, this age will be over, and “the Great Day of His Wrath” will be here; then it will no longer be a time of grace, mercy, and forgiveness, but of His righteous and fearsome judgment. Such a realization will help us be sober and prepare for that day, and motivate us to call others to prepare for it as well.

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