Brief Notes

“No Justice,
No Peace!”

27 April 2024

A slogan commonly
used to promote
certain political causes
applies in the
spiritual realm as well

Ever since the 1960s political activists on the Left have shouted “No Justice, No Peace!” whenever they have felt a certain group of people has been oppressed and needed to be helped. Of course, whatever side of the political spectrum you may be on, man’s justice is never perfect, and so people will continue fighting over such issues until the Lord returns.

Recently, though, I have been impressed with how well this slogan expresses a profound truth in the spiritual realm.

That is, for there to be perfect peace in the universe, there must first be perfect justice; that is why God has to judge every sin in an absolute way.

So many of those who shout that slogan in the political realm may not realize this; they may feel that God, because He is so loving and kind, should just overlook our sin and forget about it, so we can all be free to live our lives as we desire. But in that case, there could never be peace in the universe; the genuine offenses between so many people that were not dealt with would leave us at enmity with each other for eternity.

So, God must punish all sin, and do so in a perfect way, to deal with all the offenses; only then can there be the harmony in His creation that we all desire to see.

Thus, while God is indeed so loving and kind, He does not manifest that by overlooking our sin; rather, as the Bible asks us,

Do you despise the riches of His kindness and forbearance and long-suffering, not knowing that the kindness of God is leading you to repentance?
— Romans 2:4

In brief, because God must punish all sin, He shows His kindness to us by leading us to repentance.

Only then, when we open our heart to the Lord and repent and deal with our sins by accepting the payment Christ made for us on the cross, will we be at peace with Him and with our fellow man, and only then can there be peace in the universe as well.

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