Brief Notes

God Gives
the Growth

2 March 2024

If we are truly
seeking the Lord, eventually,
even that very seeking
must be put on the cross

I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth.
— 1 Corinthians 3:6

Sometimes, everything about our spiritual seeking may be fine. We do not love the world, and are not occupied with worldly things. Instead, we are truly seeking the Lord in prayer and in the word, and even contacting Him and spending time in His presence.

And yet, we still have a sense deep within that we are not growing spiritually.

This happens because God wants us to learn, in a very deep way, that only He can give the growth. That is, neither the growth of the church, nor our own spiritual growth, comes from our seeking; rather, the genuine growth can only come from God Himself. (See “God Gives the Growth” • 1.)

This will be a real dealing with our flesh, and a real, and very practical, experience for us of what it means to be crucified with Christ, when even something so positive as our spiritual seeking must be put on the cross.

Although we will not give up our seeking, we will nonetheless have a much deeper realization of our need to cast ourselves upon the Lord for all things; rather than depending on ourselves, we will live more fully in dependence on Him.

And this experience will also work to purify us before the Lord. This is because, first, such a realization will prevent us from boasting in what we may regard as our spiritual attainments, and second, because we will no longer be seeking success for our work, or even spiritual growth, but only God in Christ Himself:

Blessed are the pure in heart,
   For they shall see God.
— Matthew 5:8

And this is the genuine spiritual growth we need to have as the believers in Christ.

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