Brief Notes

Bargaining with
Pharaoh (10):
In 5 Stages

14 February 2024

The compromises
Pharaoh offered
the Children of Israel
are the sames ones we
must deal with today
to follow the Lord
in a clear way

In this series of messages we have considered how Pharaoh tried to keep the Children of Israel in Egypt. He did this not only by his direct refusal to let them go, but even more, through his subtle offers of compromise.

First was the outright refusal to acknowledge the Lord or His authority (Exo. 5:2); next, there was the offer to allow the Children of Israel to sacrifice in the land (Exo. 8:25); then, he would allow them to leave, but not go too far away (Exo. 8:28); next, he would allow the men to go, but the children would have to stay back (Exo. 10:10-11); and finally, they could all go, but their flocks and their heards had to remain in Egypt (Exo. 10:24).

If we are to follow the Lord in a clear way, it is very important for us to understand that this is not only a history in the Bible; it is a picture of our own spiritual history today (cf. 1 Cor. 10:6). It shows us the various offers of compromise the world will make to us, to keep us from leaving it behind to follow Christ in an absolute way. Witness Lee states,

Many Christians today believe in the Lord Jesus, but they do so without changing their position. They remain in Egypt, the world. However, if we remain in Egypt after believing in the Lord, our sins may be forgiven, but we shall not be rescued from the tyranny of Satan.
— The Life Study of Exodus, Message 20, page 227

Therefore, he adds later,

These five stages of bargaining are repeated whenever the gospel is preached. It is rare that someone is saved thoroughly the first time he hears the gospel. Most people struggle, hesitate, and bargain. Eventually, the finger of God is exercised on their behalf.
— Ibid. page 228

Isn’t this our own experience? Even after we believe in the Lord there is a “Pharaoh” within each of us, telling us not to leave the world, or if we do, not to go too far; or, we should not try to serve the Lord with our whole household; or, even if do we try to follow the Lord, we should still be focused on gaining the riches of the world.

May our God come in today to thoroughly rescue us, and so many of His children, from the god of this age (2 Cor. 4:4), from the tyranny of Satan’s world system, and from any compromises today’s Pharaoh would offer us, so that the Lord can gain a people who are uniquely for Him and for His kingdom on the earth in these days!

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