Theology > Bible?

9 October 2021

We must not allow
anything to replace
God’s word in our heart

For so many Christians, perhaps even the great majority, the formula “Theology > Bible,” is an accurate description of their mindset when they come to God’s word; this is a sad fact.

No doubt, all of us need to be careful about this. We should have a good, overall framework for understanding the Bible. But, to the extent that some theology, ministry, teaching, or ancient creed gains preeminence over the Bible in our hearts, God’s word must lose its hold on us, and that will make it very difficult for us to grow or go on with the Lord in a healthy way. Because, to the extent that happens, the Lord has lost the ground to speak to us through His word.

Consider Psalm 119; how the psalmist treasured the word of God, in all its different facets! We see it all through this psalm, and it is a wonderful pattern for how we should come to the word today.

Your word I have treasured in my heart,
That I may not sin against You.
— Psalm 119:11