Is There an

4 February 2023

The Lord is seeking for
some who will stand
with Him in prayer
for His desire
This morning I just felt to pass along a verse that has convicted me a good deal lately:

He saw that there was
no man,
And wondered that there was
no intercessor.
— Isaiah 59:16

I do feel the Lord has been speaking at least to me regarding the need to be so much more in prayer in these days, even on an entirely different level, to stand with Him for what He desires to do. And how could we not be moved to pray, if we have any feeling at all before the Lord, when we consider the condition of the church in this country, or of the country itself? The psalmist said,

My eyes shed streams
of tears,
Because they do not
keep your law.
— Psalm 119:136

In particular, I felt to pray recently as Daniel did when he sought the Lord to bring the people back to the Good Land (see Dan. 9:3-19); that is, not only to confess my own sins and failures before the Lord, but also to confess and repent on behalf of the church as a whole for its weakness, deadness, and worldliness.

When like Daniel we do take such a proper standing of repentance before the Lord, we can ask Him to turn so many to Himself: for the believers to be so much, much more serious in our seeking after Him; for His word to go forth again in this country in a fresh way; and for so many of the unbelievers in this country to have their eyes opened, that they might repent and turn to the Lord and be saved.

Lord, do raise up so many intercessors before You in these days!

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