The Carpenter
and the King

5 August 2022

The impact Christ
has had ever since
His first coming
should strengthen us
to believe in His
second coming

Sometimes it may seem difficult to believe that Jesus today really is on the throne of God, ruling over all, and preparing to return and put an end to this present evil age.

Of course, one thing that should strengthen our faith in the second coming of Christ is all the Biblical prophecy that was fulfilled in His first coming. (2 Pet. 1:19; for more on this topic see the article, “The Two Comings of Christ in Zechariah.”)

Something else, though, that should help us in this regard is to consider the impact He has had on the course of this world since His first coming. We should ask ourselves, If He really were a mere man, then how could He, as a lowly carpenter, without any background or earthly qualification, no army, and no political position, have become the single most notable, most influential figure in all of human history? And how would it be possible for Him to personally influence the lives of so many millions of people the world over, even 20 centuries after His death?

Clearly, it would be impossible. And yet, He has shaped the course of world history, and the lives of so many people, more than any other man who has ever lived, including all the greatest generals and statesmen the world has ever known.

The point is, just as we cannot trace how Jesus has influenced the course of world history in the past, even so, we may not see today how He will do so in the future. But realizing the effect He has already had on this world, after He came the first time as a lowly babe laid in a manger, should cause us to confidently affirm that one day soon He shall indeed come again, no longer as a little babe, but this time revealing Himself to the world as the Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

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