“Did I Not See You
with Him in the Garden?”

by | 7 October 2021

Will we stand with the Lord
when the test comes?

One of the servants of the high priest, a relative of him whose ear Peter cut off, said, “Did I not see you with Him in the garden?”
—John 18:26

Recently I was just convicted by this verse, and by this question.

As Christians, we all like to enjoy sweet fellowship with the Lord “in the garden,” in prayer and in the Scriptures, or in the meetings with our fellow believers.

But, what will happen when the time of testing comes? Will we deny the Lord, as Peter did? Or will we be faithful even in the difficult times?

We will only find out the answer to that question in the trial itself, but even now we should ask the Lord to keep us faithful to Him, by His mercy, at all times.

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