Faith of
Our Fathers

Eric Liddell,
Olympic Champion
and Missionary
to China

10 March 2022

An inspiring story of
a brother who
ran his race well

This is a video biography of Eric Liddell, the Scottish runner whose career inspired the 1981 movie, Chariots of Fire. (It won the Academy Award for Best Picture that year; about the first 1 1/2 minutes of the video are the trailer for the movie.) He competed in the 1924 Paris Olympics and won the gold medal in the 400 meters, after refusing to run in his main event, the 100 meters, because as a Christian he did not feel he should race on the Lord’s day.

Shortly after the Olympics he gave up his fame and athletic career to serve the Lord as a missionary in China. He was eventually interred by the Japanese during World War II and died in the camp, not long before the end of the war, of a brain tumor.

Some say he was China’s first Olympic medalist, since he was born in that country and died there as well.

I found this to be a very moving and inspiring story of a 20th century brother who ran the Christian race well. It includes interviews with his daughters (one of whom is shown in the preview above) as well as with his fellow internees, which are all very touching.

I hope you are inspired by it as well.

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