Faith of
Our Fathers

C.A. Coates:
The Daughters
of Jerusalem

1 February 2022

We must not settle for
a “second-hand Christ”;
we must seek to experience
Him ourselves

The “daughters of Jerusalem” form, in this Song, a class by themselves. They represent lovers of Christ, for they pave His palanquin with love (chap. 3:10); but they are on less intimate terms with Him, and less intelligent in the thoughts of His love, than is suitable to the spouse….

One may say that the first question raised by reading the Song of Songs would be, Am I a lover of Christ? And if I can answer uprightly that I am [1:3-4], the next question raised would be, What kind of a lover am I? Do I love much or little?[Luke 7:47]. Is the quality of my love that which suits the spouse, or is it such as might be found in the daughters of Jerusalem?

— C.A. Coates, An Outline of the Song of Songs, pages 11-13.

For comments related to this quote, see the Brief Note, “The Daughters of Jerusalem.”

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