Faith of
Our Fathers

“Come Unto Me”
& “Go Therefore
and Make Disciples”

16 May 2024

These two statements
from the Lord in Matthew
show us the two basic sides
of the normal living of
a believer in Christ

There are almost always two sides to any Biblical truth, and in the quote below, Witness Lee makes it clear, based on the Lord’s word in the Gospel of Matthew, that there are also two basic sides to the Christian life: “Coming” and “Going.” First we come to the Lord to deal with our sin and ourselves and to enter into the real experience of Christ, and then we go out for Him in the gospel to bring others to salvation in Christ as well.

And we do need both sides to have a normal Christian life! On the one hand, we cannot really “go” for Christ if we do not first “come” to Him; some may try to do this, but will have no impact for the gospel. But on the other, it is not normal to only come to Christ, but never go out for Him to reach others with the gospel.

May the Lord grant so many of His believers to enter into this normal life of “coming” to Him, so that we may be dealt with and enriched in Christ, and then “going” for Him to bring His life to others!


Witness Lee on the Two Sides
of a Believer’s Normal Living

The Lord said in Matthew 11:28, “Come to Me all who toil and our burdened, and I will give you rest.” Then in 28:19 He said, “Go therefore and disciple all the nations.” Coming and going is the living the believers should have. We come with sorrow; we go with joy. We come with our sins; we go with grace. We come with death; we go with life. We come empty-handed; we go richly filled with God. Not only so, in coming we are saved; in going we bring others to be saved. Coming, we receive grace; going, we dispense grace to others. Coming, we pour out our pain and sorrow; going, we are filled with joy and peace. This is the normal living of a believer–coming and going.
Rising Up to Preach the Gospel, page 41

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