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Episode #83:
Christ In You:
The Need for
Ministry (3)

19 March 2024

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Which ministry we choose to receive will to a large extent decide our life. Those who receive the ministry of the pope will be Catholics, those who receive what Mohamed taught will be Muslims, etc. For those of us who are Bible-believing Christians, the ministry we choose to receive will to a large extent determine how well we are able to go on with the Lord.

So, in this episode I share share how I came to appreciate the ministry of Witness Lee, and testify of the help I received through him. He labored to bring the saints into the experience of Christ living within us as our hope of glory ( Col. 1:27), which is the central point of the entire Bible. This was an enormous help to me personally in my walk with the Lord, and while we do not exalt any man, I am so very grateful to the Lord for allowing me to receive this help, and to Brother Lee for serving us as he did.



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Revelation 3:14-20: The church in Laodicea.
The Song of Songs 1:7-8: Leaving the flocks of the companions to follow the Lord Himself and His unique flock.
1 Corinthians 1:9: The fellowship of God’s Son.

Recorded in Chicago, Illinois Wednesday, 13 March 2024