The Christian Faith
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Episode #13:
The Parable of
the Sower (2)

6 August 2022

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The parable of the sower in Matthew 13 shows us that the divine life comes into us as a seed. Thus, our new birth in Christ is not the end of the Lord’s work within us, but only the beginning, for this seed must grow and develop until it brings forth the fruit the Lord desires.

This parable also shows us that, for our labor in the gospel to be effective, we must learn to deal with an unspeakably evil and determined foe.

In the second half of this program we bring on a long-time “no till” farmer and expert in soil management, to ask him what makes soil healthy. From this we may learn about keeping the “soil” of our heart healthy so that the seed we have received may eventually bear fruit unto the Lord.

Guests: Keith Miller, Mark Jordan