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Episode #1:
Jesus and
the Scriptures (1)

14 May 2022

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How did Jesus view the Scripture? And how, during His earthly ministry, did He come to the written word of God, the Jewish Scripture, what we today call the Old Testament?

These are very important questions for us to consider, because if we desire to be followers of Christ, we should surely follow Him in regards to how He approached God’s word. I was burdened to share on this topic because, as I mention in the program, when I was a young believer, seeing how Jesus related to the Scriptures greatly uplifted my view of God’s word. I hope it will yours as well.

This is in keeping with our overall theme, as we begin this program, namely, to uplift the believers’ view of the Scripture and thereby encourage them to be in the word in a more serious and consistent way. We plan to continue with this theme for the next several episodes as well.

Guest: Mark Jordan

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