Will You be
before God?

Ultimately, we cannot hide from God. Our only hope is to be found in Christ as our righteousness

Christ as
Our Surety

There is a man in the glory now whose indestructible life will bring us all to glory as well.

A New Radio Program
& Podcast

You can listen to the very first broadcast, “Jesus and the Scriptures,” via the links below.

“The Sound of
God Walking”

God did not create us to rule over us, but to fellowship with us.

If You’re in
the Chicago Area….

Listen to our Saturday morning radio program, or come worship with us

CQD. CQD. Have struck
an Iceberg!

Exactly 110 years ago this very night, the Titanic struck the iceberg.

On Genesis 2:7

God set man in relation with Himself

A Chart of
God’s Full Salvation

We use this simple chart to depict God’s full salvation.

What Is

The Judgment

God’s Eternal

The Exampleof Nehemiah

The Reed as a
Rod (3)

We need both the divine nature and the ruling authority to stand for the Lord today

The Exampleof Nehemiah

The Reed as a
Rod (2)

As Christians we need to appreciate how fierce is the enemy, and the conflict, we face today

The Exampleof Nehemiah

The Reed as a
Rod (1)

We cannot fulfill God’s purpose by the ministry of life alone; we must also enter into the spiritual warfare

A Multitudeof Sticks

A Multitude
of Sticks

A small example shows us the character of one who can be greatly used by the Lord

The Exampleof Nehemiah

The White

If the Lord casts His vote for us, no one else’s vote matters

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