The Fate of
the Excluded

It seems there will be varying degrees of punishment in the Millennium

Episode #72:
Could We Be
When We See
the Lord?

We cannot be sure where will we spend the Millennium

What Is

We must be saved not only from God’s judgment, but even from who we are

Episode #71:
The Central Thing:
God’s Purpose
& Our

To understand salvation, we must see the central matter in the Bible

“Once Saved,
Always Saved,
& Being Saved”

There are two distinct sides of salvation: “once-for-all” and “day-by-day”

Episode #70:
The Salvation
of the Soul &
Running the
Christian Race

This is a key to understanding the New Testament teaching of salvation

The Nature
of Our Oneness
in Ephesians 4

The oneness of the Body of Christ cannot be organized; it is entirely a matter of our being in the Spirit and growing in Christ.

“This Way,

The story of the Titanic reminds us that, in a world headed to its certain doom, the gospel of Jesus Christ is the “lifeboat” of our salvation


What Is


An Uplifted Soul (3)

An Uplifted
Soul (3)

When the divine nature works within our human nature, it makes us both more human and more divine, and nothing else

An Uplifted Soul (3)

An Uplifted
Soul (2)

To help others in the Lord we need to be those who are at once so human and so divine

An Uplifted Soul (3)

An Uplifted
Soul (1)

It is when we lift up our soul to the Lord that He uplifts us with His divine nature

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