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The Stone,
the Pillow, and
the Pillar (1)

8 June 2024

Like Jacob, we desire
to follow the Lord,
but there is still much
within us that must be
dealt with

The story of Jacob’s dream in Genesis 28 is one of the most significant passages in the entire Old Testament; there is so much in this brief passage, both in regards to our spiritual experience and in terms of the Biblical truth!

First of all, in terms of our experience, it reminds us in a very touching way that quite often, it is when we are discouraged, lonely, and feeling hopeless, that God comes in to give us a dream regarding His desire to connect the earth and the heavens, both in our own life and for the sake of His purpose as a whole. Then we begin to see, or are reminded of, Christ as the ladder that joins earth and heaven (Gen. 28:12; cf. John 1:51, Rev. 1:9), and the house of God as the awesome “gate of heaven” (Gen. 28:17). I have to say, that was certainly my experience when I was first saved, and perhaps it was yours also.

In this regard I have always appreciated how, when Jacob awoke from his dream, he exclaimed,

“Surely the LORD is in this place, and I did not know it.”
— Genesis 28:16

That is, sometimes it may be difficult to see the Lord and His hand in the difficult experiences as we are passing through them, but He is there nonetheless.

Darby, in his comments on this chapter in his Synopsis, reminds us of how God leads us to Himself by caring for us in our practical circumstances:

God was above; Jacob, the object of promise and blessing, of the earth; but the earth was all under the providential control of heaven; and the angels had Jacob for their care, ascended and descended, accomplishing the will of God.

And in his comments on the previous chapter, when Jacob with his mother’s help had deceived his father Isaac, he explains why God had to deal with Jacob as He did:

Heir of the promises, and valuing them, [Jacob] uses means to have them, evil and low in character. God answers his faith, and chastens his evil and unbelief.

So often, we are all the real “Jacobs.” We surely do desire to follow the Lord, but even so there is so much within us that would lead us away from Him; all that must be dealt with before He can really bring us into His purpose. Thank the Lord, God is in heaven, ruling over all, even over our mistakes and transgressions, working to bring us into His desire, even when we may not see it at first.

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to the Purpose.
— Romans 8:28

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