Hear Now,
the Lord is Calling!

by | Apr 1, 2018

Tune: Scotland the Brave,
a traditional Scottish march
Tune for Scotland the Brave on YouTube


Note: each verse is sung twice
before going to the next.

Hear now, the Lord is calling!
    Who will arise? The dawning
Of His appearing
    And His kingdom draws near.
And though for a while we’re suff’ring,
    Then it will seem as nothing,
When in the glory
    Of our Lord we appear.

Though Hades’ gates oppose us,
    We know the Lord is for us,
As we proclaim to all,
    “The kingdom has come!”
We call all unto repentance:
    “Flee sin, and live for Christ hence!
Seek first the kingdom
    And the Master’s, ‘Well done!’”

On then, and into glory!
    Rise, tell the gospel story!
Tell how the Lord is coming;
   Soon He shall reign!
The darkness will be defeated,
    Christ on the throne be seated,
With all the saints who’ve loved Him
    And His dear Name.