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New Year’s
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9 December 2022

A gathering
together for a
time of fellowship
in the word

From the Email:

I wanted to send a brief note to make sure that those on this mailing list are aware of an upcoming New Year’s Bible conference, which is an opportunity to gather together again with the Lord’s children for a time of fellowship in the word.

It will begin at 7:30 on Friday evening, December 30 and continue through Lord’s Day morning, January 1. The meetings will be held at the main hall of the church in Cleveland, which is hosting this event, located at 3170 Warren Road in Cleveland, Ohio.

The conference topic will be, “The New Testament Priesthood of the Believers.”

I plan to attend myself, and am always helped and encouraged by these times of fellowship.

The conference is open to all the believers in Christ, but the brothers are asking those who plan to attend to register for this time. If you meet with a church that is participating in this conference you should register with the brothers in your locality. Otherwise, if you would like to attend, just reply to this email with the subject, “Register,” and I will forward that to the appropriate brothers.

I hope you can join us for this gathering!

Your brother,


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— 9 December 2022 —