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How the Lord
Is Testing Us

16 July 2022

He is finding out
which of His servants
will be able to
reign with Him in
His kingdom

In the Parable of the Minas in Luke 19, the Lord likens Himself to a noblemen who was about to go on a long journey to receive a kingdom and return. Before leaving, the noblemen gives ten of his servants a mina each, which was worth about 100 day’s wages, and tells them, “Do business till I come.”

When the noblemen returns the servants report to him how they have done. He then rewards the faithful by giving them responsibility over cities according to what they have gained.  The unfaithful servant, however, has his mina taken away from him (Luke 19:11-27).

D. M. Panton comments on this parable in a very sober way, that it shows that the Lord is now testing us; He wants to see if we are qualified to reign with Him in His kingdom.


Officers are required for the administration of a kingdom, and so God has deliberately interposed a prolonged period between His two advents, that our Lord might be enabled to so test his servants, in His absence, as to discover which are fitted for positions of responsibility and trust at His return.

The Nobleman, before He departed, laid plans for the selection of officers to aid Him in the administration of the Kingdom; He devised a plan for bringing to light who those officers are on His return; this plan is in operation at the present moment, purposely so contrived as to reveal individual capacity for office, and personal fitness for trust; and—most impressive of all, the Long Journey is now nearly over, and at any moment the investigation may begin.

D.M. Panton, The Judgment Seat of Christ, page 35

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