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A New Book:
Lawlessness, the Left,
and the Antichrist

15 July 2021

“For the mystery of lawlessness
is already at work…”
2 Thessalonians 2:7

“France…, by the revolution of 1789,
began to spread the principles of
that anarchy out of which
Antichrist will arise.”
G.H. Pember

266 Pages • Paperback • June 2021


A Breakdown in the Moral Order

In this study we want to identify, very specifically, the manner in which the “mystery of lawlessness” is now working among us. That is, ever since the Enlightenment and French Revolution of the 1800s, Satan has been using the social and political Left to overthrow the laws God has ordained for maintaining a healthy society on the earth, and thus urge mankind on to its final rebellion against God.

We also want to see, briefly, God’s response to this evil. That is, He is working even now to bring His kingdom to the earth….

The Basic Reason

The Left in America today traces its ideological origins, not to the American Revolution, but to the French Revolution, and to the French Enlightenment that was the catalyst for that epochal event. In particular, its worldview is based upon the rejection of the Bible as the revealed word of God, and of the biblical norms for guiding society, that was promulgated during the French Enlightenment.

The result of such a rejection is, necessarily, lawlessness, and so the wide acceptance in America of such an ideology has produced much of the chaos we currently see erupting in our society. Furthermore, this same principle of lawlessness is now working throughout the world to prepare the way for the coming of the Antichrist.

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