on the Turmoil
Among the

by | Jun 9, 2018

They chose new gods;
Then was war in the gates:
Was there a shield or spear seen
Among forty thousand in Israel?
— Judges 5:8 —

In 2006 a severe turmoil arose among the churches that had been raised up through the ministry of Witness Lee, as a result of which a number of us were put out of that fellowship.

This book brings together all of the articles and public letters I produced in relation to that turmoil.

It is my hope and prayer that this book will not only be helpful to the saints as they consider the turmoil, but also serve as a witness to what the churches originally stood for, and against the evil work of the Blended Brothers, including their usurpation of Brother Witness Lee’s ministry. In so doing, may it help to turn so many of the saints back to the Lord and His desire.

And may the black background that is dealt with in this book help all of God’s children, including those who were not in that fellowship, see more clearly how we may practically stand for the Lord’s testimony in this age.



As I have reviewed these writings to prepare them for publication in this book, my chief regret concerning them is that I did not speak out sooner, and more forcefully, than I did, in warning the saints as to what was happening to the churches. Once the Blending Brothers released the document, “Publication Work in the Lord’s Recovery,” early in the summer of 2005, no one could doubt their intention to establish themselves as a hierarchy among us, since in that document they claimed for themselves the right to oversee all publications for use among the churches, and by extension all ministry as well. I did realize this at the time, but still I assumed there could be a way for some to fellowship with them about their concerns. Looking back now, I feel I was naïve; I simply did not realize just how relentless was the evil working among us, or that these brothers had already fully settled on their intended course….

Although I failed to speak out sufficiently to warn the saints before the division occurred, in the following months and years I did produce a number of writings to that end. One of my prayers, as I make them available now in the form of this book, is that doing so will help the dear saints who are still in the churches affiliated with the Living Stream Ministry to see just how those churches have forsaken their testimony to Christ, and in so doing encourage them to turn back to their original standing.


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