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Charts on God’s Full Salvation

“What is Life All About?”

A Chart of God's Full Salvation: This version gives a good introduction to God's full salvation, and may also be used as a gospel pamphlet.

This card provides a basic presentation of God’s full salvation for both Christians and others. It’s relative simplicity and compact size make it very good for use as a gospel tract.

The Process of God’s Full Salvation

A Chart of God's Full Salvation: This version is intended as an aid for in-depth study of the topic of God's full salvation.

This is an in-depth presentation of God’s full salvation, is intended for use as a Bible study tool for those seeking a fuller knowledge of this crucial topic.

About These Charts & God’s Full Salvation

Over the past 100 years the revelation God has given to the Body of Christ concerning of His full salvation has become increasingly clear. This topic is absolutely crucial, and we must have a basic grasp of it to truly understand the Bible. Therefore, we have created these two different charts to present God’s full salvation in graphic form.

They are actually two different versions of the same basic diagram. The first chart, “‘What is Life All About?’” is gives an overview of salvation, and is also designed for distrubution as a gospel pamphlet. The second, “The Process of God's Full Salvation,” is a much more in-depth presentation of this topic, and is intended as a Bible study tool.

According to the Bible, there are two sides to salvation. The first has to do with the forgiveness of our sins based on the redemption which Christ accomplished on the cross. The second has to do with our receiving Christ as our life, so that we may be conformed to the image of God’s Son as the ultimate goal of salvation (Rom. 8:29). To emphasize that salvation has more than one aspect, we use the term “full salvation.” For a brief introduction to this topic, click here:

An Introduction to God’s Full Salvation

Unfortunately, when the gospel is preached today, very often only the first side is stressed, while the second is neglected or even entirely missed. We feel it is important, therefore, to provide some materials for helping Christians into a fuller understanding of this topic, based on the light from the Bible that God has given to His children in the last century.

What these Charts Depict

Background and History




















































What these Charts Depict

These charts depict the process by which God makes us, who are sinners, into His many sons. We refer to this process as “God’s full salvation.”

They stress that there are two sides to this process. The first is the work of redemption Christ accomplished for us on the cross, which was necessary to deal with the problem of our sin. The second is the work of transformation God desires to do within each of us today, imparting His eternal, divine life into our being so that we may be “conformed to the image of His Son” (Rom. 8:29).

Two Versions of One Diagram

These charts are actually two versions of the same basic diagram. One is a small card that is a relatively simple version of the diagram for use as an introduction to this topic, while the other is an in-depth version that is part of a pamphlet, and which is intended as an aid for Bible study and further investigation of this crucial topic.



























































Background and History

The first one to use the three-circle diagram to portray man as spirit, soul, and body, in the context of God’s full salvation, appears to have been a sister named Mary McDonough. She did so in her watershed book, God's Plan of Redemption, which was initially published in book form in the U.S. in 1920. (It had appeared a few years before as a series of articles in The Overcomer magazine, which was published by Jesse Penn-Lewis.)

In the 1920s, Ruth Paxon, a missionary to China, combined these graphics into very basic charts, primarily to show the steps the Lord went through to accomplish redemption. She did this in her book, Life on the Highest Plane, which for many years has been published by Moody Press.

Beginning in the 1960s many believers in the United States were introduced to these diagrams by Witness Lee, the close co-worker of Watchman Nee; see especially his book, The Economy of God. In his ministry he strongly stressed the believers’ need to receive and grow in the divine life. He used these symbols to help the believers see this, and referred to God’s Plan of Redemption as “a marvelous masterpiece.”

In the early 1980s the publishing house Witness Lee had founded began to use these symbols in the form of a gospel pamphlet. That pamphlet, entitled “The Mystery of Human Life,” has been widely distributed throughout the world in a number of different languages.

The versions of the chart on this website were developed beginning around the year 2002. Apart from the graphic design and the detail of the Bible-study version of the chart, the main contribution in these versions is to combine the stages of the Lord’s process with the stages of man’s salvation. (However, even this was based on an unpublished version of the chart that had been prepared by a group of Spanish-speaking brothers in Toronto, Canada.)

The detailed points presented in the Bible-study version of the chart are, for the most part, crucial points that Witness Lee stressed in his ministry. He, in turn, was helped a great deal by the authors whose works are excerpted on the other side of the pamphlet, i.e, Andrew Murray, T. Austin-Sparks, and Mary McDonough. In addition, the verses that we include in the pamphlet on the salvation of the soul were stressed by Watchman Nee in his book of that title.